San Diego (the mellow side of California)


Last August Cowina and I had the opportunity to go on a week long trip with her family. The objective was to find a place that can accommodate 7 and half people (a 9 month old…ha), a place that was family friendly, reasonably priced and a destination that’s travel time was reasonably short. The one place that seemed to have met all the criteria was San Diego.

Oddly enough it was kind of a random destination, but there were many family friendly things to do. If anyone who has kids of their own (not me included), understands that you have to kind of work around the schedule of your kids to make the trip as smooth as possible, especially with a 9 month old.

San Diego has beautiful landscapes and a very mellow type vibe in comparison to the hustle and bustle that is Los Angeles. When you first drive away from the airport you are immediately reminded that you are still in California, with all the palm trees and the California sun gleaming down on you.



The cliffs at Sunset Cliffs Park

We stayed in an air bnb in Point Loma which is located on the far west side of San Diego. We were close to the popular Sunset Cliffs park. The name was no exaggeration, the sunsets at this park were beautiful none the less.


Sunset at Sunset Cliffs Park



As mentioned, there were many family friendly things to do such as the San Diego Zoo and the new San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The San Diego Zoo is a pretty legit and not one of those small dinky zoos. I am always a bit sceptical of animals in captivity, but the San Diego Zoo seems to do a lot of animal rescue work which makes their cause that much greater. If Zoos are something you are into, then this is a great place to bring the family and kids!


For all the foodies out there, San Diego is best known for it’s fresh Sea food and this is because the city is right by the Pacific Coast. One of the popular places to try out is The Fish Market. The seafood is amazing and pretty affordable. For all those patriotic/navy buffs, The Fish Market is right by the USS Midway Museum where you will see the famous Sailor Kissing his lady.


Coral trees outside the USS Midway Museum


La Jolla Beach

Another popular tourist area that consist of beautiful waters and beachy areas is located in La Jolla. If you are lucky enough you may be able to see some sea lions and if that’s not what you are into the beach is also very nice and relaxing.



Sea Lion basking in the sun at La Jolla Beach


Rock formations at La Jolla beach



Cowina enjoying the rocks at La Jolla Beach


Mission Beach Boardwalk

Another beautiful beach to add to the list is Mission Beach. If you have ever been to Venice beach, you will notice similarities in regards to the boardwalks. Mission beach has a boardwalk that consist of many restaurants and other tourist attractions.


Mission Beach

There is also a small ferris wheel, mini rides and carnival type games near the beach as well. Refer to the trip video below.

San Diego was a beautiful and amazing little get away. These were just some of the highlights of our trip. Due to time constraints we were not able to do everything we had wanted, such as Bal Boa Park, but we will definitely be back in the future. San Diego was good to us and we hope it will be great for you as well…




Here is a short video that highlights our trip. Enjoy!


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